A Word about Cuts

Last week, I broke down what a Carat was and why it’s such an important part of the ring buying process. Today, I want to talk about the other important “C”, the Cut. The “Cut” can be confusing because it refers to both proportion and shape – and we typically associate this “C” with the shape.

The Shape of the stone is exactly that – the outward outline of the finished stone. Here’s a visual of the most popular ones..


There are actually a number of “fancy” cut diamond shapes - a few of which we have never heard of, so if you want to see what a “Lily”, “Flanders Ideal Square” or a “Rising Star” cut looks like, check out this link.


The Cut, however, is almost more important because a diamond that is well cut brings out the maximum amount of light, brilliance and beauty. A deep understanding of proportions, angles and a high level of precision goes into cutting a diamond. When it’s cut too deep or too shallow, the light that enters through the top of the ring escapes through the bottom or side, leaving it looking less than dazzling.


Different shapes will obviously have different facets and are cut differently, so the two are very closely tied together.


Here’s a look again at two of the most perfectly cut diamonds – the “hearts on fire” and “hearts and arrows” cuts. Their perfect symmetry creates such dazzling patterns. Incredible huh?


Screen shot 2010-05-16 at 8.06.00 PM
L-R –  Hearts on Fire Diamond, Hearts & Arrows Diamond


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  1. It is very difficult to cut diamonds in various shapes.A deep understanding of proportions, angles and a high level of precision is needed for cutting a diamond.Interesting blog containing many things to know.Thanks for sharing.