The Engagement Rings of Sex and the City

I’m one of those women who firmly believes that all of life’s questions can be answered by an episode of Sex and the City. I love the show – the writing, the characters, the fashion and, of course, the jewelry and am kicking myself for waiting so long to write this post. Believe it or not, tracking down the story behind these rings was no easy task, so we here at RingSpotters are beyond excited to share with you the fabulous engagement rings of Sex and the City.


1. Charlotte’s Tiffany Engagement Ring from Trey

Sex and the City Engagement Ring - Charlotte & Trey

In season 3, Charlotte and Trey’s whirlwind romance led to Charlotte’s accidental proposal after a month of dating, leaving her absolutely mortified. He later more than made up for it standing in front of a Tiffany & Co store window suggesting she look for the most “beautiful engagement ring they have”.  She chooses a the classic Tiffany setting with a 2.17 carat round brilliant stone.



2. Carrie’s Engagement Ring(s) from Aidan

Sex and the City Engagement Ring - Carrie and Aidan
No, this is not the ‘pear shaped diamond with a gold band’ that Carrie found while snooping through his things, this is the gorgeous Harry Winston 3 carat square cut emerald ring that Aidan gave her in season 3. Clearly having doubts and feeling anxious about their relationship, Carrie decides to wear the ring around her neck because it’s “closer to her heart”, and the engagement ends shortly after.

3. Charlotte’s Harry Winston Engagement Ring from Harry

Sex and the City Engagement Ring Charlotte and Harry

We got a little teary eyed watching Harry propose to Charlotte after she sees him at a mixer and tearfully asks for his forgiveness. Her 5 carat emerald cut Harry Winston ring was patterned after one given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton in 1968 (pictured above, a 33 carat emerald cut diamond no less!).



4. Samantha’s Flower Ring

Sex and the City Movie - Samantha's Flower Ring
This is neither an engagement ring nor is it from the TV series, but the flower ring that Samantha bids for, loses and eventually receives as a present from Smith in the first movie, is so beyond stunning, we couldn’t help but include it. Created by Filipina jewelry designer Ramona M. Boucher of Bastion, the ring is worth approximately $50,000.



5. Carrie’s Black Diamond Ring

Sex and the City Engagement Ring- Carrie and Big

From the not so critically acclaimed Sex and the City 2 comes this 5 carat black diamond by designer Itay Malkin. Set in 18k white gold with 80 pave diamonds, Mr. Big gives Carrie this stunner at the end of the film. Why black? “Because you are not like anyone else” he says.


And remember, as Carrie wisely concludes in the show series finale, “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”


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